A few times a year, we train up EFS mentors so that they can support prospective applicants on a one-on-one basis in their application process. If you have an interest in becoming an EFS mentor, please complete our ‘expression of interest’ form.

Why become an EFS mentor

As an EFS mentor, you will gain and improve skills in mentoring in a higher-education setting while being supported by the EFS team. This is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with a teaching-focused community within ANU. You will have opportunities to network with other EFS mentors (including senior academics and members of professional staff) and will establish a strong working relationship with an EFS applicant. And finally, by supporting the applicant with their EFS application, you will make a tangible difference to their career in higher education.

What is involved

Your time is valuable, which is why we are aiming to minimise the required time commitment on administration and ensure that you can focus on building connections. As a minimum requirement, we ask that EFS mentors do the following:

  • Attend one EFS mentor workshop per year (1.5 hours)
  • Meet with the EFS applicant a few times (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • Review the applicant’s draft texts and answer their emails
  • Sporadically provide a short report to the EFS team on the applicant’s progress
Every EFS applicant is different and some will need more help with their application than others. The expected time commitment per applicant is approximately 10 but no more than 15 hours, spread out over a period of five to six months.


How to become an EFS mentor

Express your interest in becoming an EFS mentor by completing our ‘expression of interest’ form.

After receiving your form submission, we will contact you via email with some further details. You will also be invited to to the next EFS mentor workshop, which we run a few times a year (March/April and August/September). You will then be asked if you would like to formally join the upcoming EFS mentor program. You will start working with the EFS applicant/s only after this workshop and your engagement with them ends at the EFS closing date for their application (five to six months later). After this, you have the option to stay in touch with them on a voluntary basis.