The ANU EFS is governed by a Committee.

Role of the EFS Committee and Terms of Reference

Learn more via our ANU Committee page.

Members of the 2022 EFS Committee


  • Professor Paul Francis SFHEA, CoS
  • Associate Professor Carol Hayes PFHEA, CAP
  • Professor Michael Martin PFHEA, CBE

ANU members:  

  • Associate Professor Katrina Anderson SFHEA (TiM Pathway lead and CHM representative) 
  • Suzy Andrew AFHEA (professional staff representative)
  • Dr Kim Blackmore (CECS representative)
  • Dr Andrew Bradly SFHEA (CBE representative)
  • Dr Chris Browne SFHEA (CoS and CHM representative)
  • Dr Nick Cheesman FHEA (CAP representative)
  • Nithiwadee Chitravas SFHEA (Professional staff representative – Library)
  • Tim Grace SFHEA (Professional staff representative – CLT)
  • Dr Gemma King SFHEA (CASS representative)

External members:

  • Professor Abby Cathcart PFHEA (Lead external assessor, QUT)
  • Professor Annette George PFHEA (External assessor, UWA) 

Vacant positions:

  • Director, Centre for Learning and Teaching (Co-chair position)
  • CECS representative
  • CoL representative