Code of Practice

The AdvanceHE Fellowship Code of Practice establishes a set of principles and expectations for individuals gaining Fellowship. The Code embodies the values of teaching professionals in relation to professional practice, learners and colleagues. Adhering to the Code and committing to ‘remaining in good standing’ are crucial to gaining and maintaining Fellowship through the ANU EFS. Upon submitting your EFS application, you will be required to sign a declaration that you will adhere to the Code of Practice.In our professional practice, as Fellows we will: 1. Act with respect, integrity and honesty. 2. Monitor and review regularly our work in order to maintain good standing. 3. Engage in appropriate activities to remain up to date with knowledge of learning and teaching, subject matter and assessment. 4. Be open to and conscientious in considering feedback from appraisals, peer and student observations. For the benefit of learners, as Fellows we will: 5. Demonstrate our respect for learners by paying due regard to the way we conduct ourselves in our professional lives. 6. Be fair and impartial in our engagement with learners. 7. Encourage the free exchange of ideas between ourselves and learners. For the benefit of colleagues, as Fellows we will: 8. Show due respect for the opinions of colleagues in the exchange of constructive criticism and ideas. 9. Support and actively assist in the professional development of colleagues to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of good practice and to protect learners from poor practice. 10. Be aware and take account of, the educational goals, policies, standards and regulations of our employing institution and beyond.