To obtain HEA Fellowship, we recommend the following steps:
  1. Attend the Information Session (E1)
  2. Pick your stream (which may involve attending training workshops) and fellowship category and attend Writing a Reflective Narrative (E3)
  3. Find two referees (one of whom should be a HEA fellow)
  4. Draft your application and send it to
  5. Your EFS mentor will schedule a meeting with you to provide feedback on your draft
  6. Review and submit your application

If you are a clinical or medical educator, then you will likely follow the Teaching in Medicine (TiM) stream so the above steps do not apply to you. Please contact for more information.

We also strongly recommend that you attend Developing Your Teaching Philosophy (E2) as you are going through this application process. you may attend this module at any time. It is an opportunity to find out from guest speakers what motivates them as teachers and you will also receive tips on how to write your own teaching philosophy!

Remember that you will receive support and feedback from EFS mentors throughout this process. You are not doing this alone! Check out the FAQ page for frequently asked questions but also feel free to ask any questions at the workshops or via email. We look forward to meeting you!

In the video below, William Maish (FHEA) from the ANU Medical School reflects on writing his EFS application, and offers some tips to help you write yours. Click here to see William talk about his teaching philosophy in a 2019 workshop.’