If you’re thinking of applying for HEA Fellowship, then you will want to attend four modules, starting with the Information Session (E1). These are face to face modules you can attend throughout the year at the ANU Centre for Higher Education and Learning (CHELT). They are designed to help you get started and work through your application.

Please attend E1 before E3. You can attend E2 at any time.


E1  Information Session

This face to face session provides you with information on why applying for a fellowship is important for ANU staff involved in Teaching and Learning.  During the session, an EFS coach will guide you through the process, show you how to get started, and answer your questions. We want all participants to walk away from these information sessions with the confidence and knowledge to get started on their application.

E2  Developing Your Teaching Philosophy

Module E2 is an opportunity to listen to other fellows talk about their teaching philosophies, and discover what sparked their interest in teaching. You will also receive tips on how to write your teaching philosophy for the EFS application.

E3  Writing a Reflective Narrative

This is an interactive session where you will be guided through the process of writing your application reflectively in the context of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF). You will see some exemplars, spend time writing, and receive immediate feedback. The purpose of this session is for you to make some progress in writing your reflective narrative, under the guidance of an EFS Coach.

Once you have completed E3, you can prepare and then submit your draft application.

E4  Receiving Feedback

This session is by invitation only. Once you have submitted your draft, you will be contacted to schedule a time to receive peer feedback on your reflective narratives and/or case studies.


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Upcoming Events


04 May | Writing a Reflective Narrative (E3)
09 May | Information Session (E1)
24 May | Developing Your Teaching Philosophy (E2)
31 May | Writing a Reflective Narrative (E3)
19 Jun | Information Session (E1)
28 Jun | Writing a Reflective Narrative (E3)
24 Jul | Developing Your Teaching Philosophy (E2)